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Team ARGeorgia
Hunter and Jeff Leininger
Team ARGeorgia
Team ARGeorgia

Hunter Leininger

Age: 20
Years Racing: 14
Favorite Race:

ARWS World Championships, Wyoming USA 2017

Hunter Leininger set 3 World Records and 7 National Records in Adventure Racing. Holds 8 Endurance Mountain Bike Records. Hunter started racing at the age of 7 with his first 6-hour race and has gone on to set more records then any other young endurance athlete in the World.  He broke the World Record at the age of 12 for the youngest racer to complete a 3-day (72 hour) non-stop expedition race and set the world record at the age of 16 for completing the 7-Day ARWS World Champoinships, Wyoming USA 2017. Hunter has influence hundreds of kids to go for big goals in life and never let anyone tell you that you can't do something.

Jeff Leininger

Age: 52
Years Racing: 20
Favorite Race:

2011 Expedition Idaho

Jeff Leininger, Father to Hunter Leininger and owner of AR Premier Events out of Canton Georgia which puts on adventure races in Florida and Georgia. He started adventure racing on a bet from his neighbor that he could not do this type of race and finish. Well the neighbor was right because Jeff got lost in that race and did not finish. Not liking to fail at anything, Jeff started an adventure racing club in Florida called Florida Extreme in which he found others to learn from and better his game. Since then Jeff has completed over 100 expedition and adventure races along side Hunter and close friends.  

Katie Ferrington

Age: 39
Years Racing: 16
Favorite Race:

Primal Quest

Katie lives in Boulder Colorado and enjoys playing and training in the Rocky Mountains. She is a mother of 2, physical therapist and business owner, and race director of 2 adventure races in Colorado - the Never Summer AR and Sleep When You're Dead. Katie started adventure racing in the southeast in 2006 where she met the AR Georgia crew. After moving back home to CO in 2010, Katie's AR resume took off with notable expedition races to include placing 3rd at Primal Quest 2016 and one of the top 5 US teams at the ARWS Championship in 2018.

Tom Ambrose

Age: 59
Years Racing: 20
Favorite Race:

Primal Quest, South Dakota 2009

Tom discovered most of the Western US during the 19th-century in which he fell in love with the outdoors. Learning from Native Americans on how to survive, navigate, find water and food. Over the last century, Tom has used these skills for expedition racing. Known as the "Mule" of the team carrying most of the team gear and snacks that he comes out with half way through a race. Comedy relief during the race with comments that seems to make no sense to anyone but himself which causes us to worry about him for hours which breakup the day. Without him as the glue, our team would fall apart. 

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