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October 26–27, 2024

Length: 18 Hours or 8 Hours

The 12th Annual 2024 Cauldron Adventure Race will start at the Indian Lake State Forest - Recreation area, Florida which is a beautiful and historic destination known for its crystal-clear springs and lush natural surroundings. Located in Marion County, just east of Ocala, the Indian Lake State Forest - Recreation area offers visitors a unique blend of natural wonders and cultural attractions. This year's race will be 18 hours or 8 hours, and will be visiting an area teeming with wildlife, and visitors have the opportunity to encounter various species during their visit. The area is home to abundant birdlife, including herons, egrets, ospreys, and more. You may also spot turtles, alligators, and even manatees in the clear waters of the springs. Nature enthusiasts can explore the park's trails and immerse themselves in the beauty of the surrounding forests and wetlands. Divisions include solo, 2-, 3-, or 4-person teams, coed or open (same-sex). Free camping on both Friday and Saturday nights.

2024 Race Pricing


18-Hour Race
$300 Per Racer
 8-Hour Race
$200 Per Racer

Important Registration Dates:

Registration Opens: 12/4/2023


18-Hour Race


5:00am, Saturday


6:00am, Saturday


12:00am, (Midnight) Saturday

8-Hour Race


7:00am, Saturday



9:00am, Saturday


5:00pm, Saturday


Indian Lake State Forest - Recreation area


New to Adventure Racing?

Visit our Resources Page for ARGeorgia Live Panels, Videos, Maps & More!


Free camping on both Friday and Saturday nights. This adventure race is perfect for sport or family teams looking to have some fun discovering the outdoors with adventure racing. Easy to read and simple navigation will take you to some hidden spots around the Silver River area. All teammates must be present to check-in and receive instructions. The later you are the shorter the time to prepare. Your first discipline to start the race will be revealed during check-in.


Van, car, and tent camping is free, Friday–Sunday. Spots for RVs and campers are limited, so please reserve by contacting


Mandatory Gear List required for review and to be carried during all races.

We supply all canoes, paddles, and PFDs. Teams will be allowed to bring their own paddle gear; however, they must be in a paddle bag.


In order to speed up the check-in process on race day, please download and fill in the ARGeorgia Liability Waiver for each team member, and bring to the race with you to check-in.


Rules List is required for review and a copy to be carried during all races.

Withdrawals & Cancellation

Warrior Refund, Changes, and Cancellation Policy



1st through 3rd place in the following divisions:

• Coed 3–4

​• Coed 2

• Open Male (Any)

​• Open Female (Any)

• Solo Male

• Solo Female

• Masters Solo Male (50+)

• Masters Solo Female (50+)

• Masters Team (All team members must be 50+)

Single Award for:

The Youngest Racer

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